I’ve returned to work! And i have in mind a pretty thing to do…

The proof that i passed the exam ouo i am so happy!!

Tomorrow is the big day
I’m scared, my stomach is already upside down ugh but i’ve studied and i will try, i have nothing to lose c:
Wish me luck!

A lonely rose in the middle of the street…

Questa foto l’ho trovata nella rivista Elle, comprata perche’ non dovessi annoiarmi in auto, e ho pensato a corpidicarta
Bhe, sappi che mi ha tolto il fiato quando l’ho vista ouo

Black and white stripes

okay, i’m gonna return to study a bit and then bed

i hope you’re fine guys, all of you! I luv you <33


Weekend spam continues. 8I


Beautiful White Wolf by littlenightmare93

Skirt stuffed with roses at DRESSCAMP F/W 2014

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